Top 10 Facts About Earth Day You Should Need to Know in 2020

Facts About Earth Day: Are you looking Earth Day Facts, if yes then here we listed Top 10 Facts About Earth Day You Should Need to Know in 2020, first of all we are happy to see you there and also wishing you a very happy earth day. In this article we are going discuss most important and real facts about earth day which make you help to understand the basic concept and why we are celebrating this earth day festival around the world. Earth day is a festival or celebration were we do many things which make help to peoples for waking them about the earth like stop pollution and make neat and clean to the earth, something like that projects which are organise by the major organisation. So let’s without any more wasting your time, we are bringing you all facts about the earth day which you need to know most probably, and also you have to know the all information regarding with earth day. We know that earth day is celebrated by the peoples over the world every year and that is why some of the peoples and students are don’t know the real facts about earth day that is why here we are providing you earth day facts, here you will get earth day facts for students, kids and Childrens as well as earth day facts for colleges students or elementary school students.

Facts About Earth Day

Top 10 Facts About Earth Day 2020

Here below the line we listed some of the most interesting facts which you should need to know in 2020. This is our request from all of you to contribute your support to protect our Earth from disaster or resources by planting trees, get all facts below.

1. First Earth Day Celebration

If you want to know when was we are celebrating our first earth day celebration then you must know it was a time of 22 April 1970.

2. Earth Day Projects was originated in the US

Basically earth day projects celebration was originated in the US but this special moment of projects recognize worldwide in 1990.

3. Disney Released a Documentary Film called Earth

For showing the all facts and love behind the earth Disney released a documentary film called Earth.

4. First Moment of Earth Day more than 20 Million Peoples gathered

At the first moment of earth day more than 20 million peoples gathered in these projects at street of America to protest the industrial revolution. It was a moment in history when an environment movement was born as a result for the earth.

5. Students Plant Tree for the Earth Day Celebration

On every celebration of earth day which is celebrated by us on 22 April, all peoples and students do many things for the earth to do clean and also all peoples and students plant tree for the earth day celebration.

6. Gaylord Nelson was founded Earth Day

It was that time when Gaylord nelson was working as a US senator, at that time he was founded earth day.

7. Earth day First Time Celebrated in 1970

Earth day was first time celebrated in 1970 and after that this day was renamed by the UN in 2009 and after rename this day is known as international mother earth day and also this day now is known as a earth day simply.

8. Big community and school Plant Tree Everywhere

Some of the biggest community and school are celebrating this earth day in whole week for expanding the awareness and good habits for the earth in which they perform various job and also plant tree everywhere.

9. In 2012 more than 100000 peoples road bikes in china to reduce CO2 emissions 

It was a that time in 2012 when more than 100000 peoples road bikes in china to reduce CO2 emissions and almost they save the big quantity of fuel.

10. In 2011 more than 28 millions tree was planted 

In 2011 more than 28 millions tree was planted by the earth day network in Afghanistan.

Earth Day FAQ Questions and Answers

When was the first Earth Day?

On April 22 in 1970 Earth Day was observed first time when around 20 million people worldwide attended this event event

How did Earth Day Begin?

The idea was for the Earth Day to focus on the environment around the world came to Earth Day founder by Gaylord Nelson, California.

What is the purpose of Earth Day?

Purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to demonstrate support for environmental protection and planting maximum Trees which is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22. First time Earth Day celebrated in 1970

How many countries are represented Earth Day?

Now it includes more than 195 countries in the world at the present time. It now includes events comprises globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries that are member states of the United Nations.

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