[29 BEST} Earth Day Activities for Kids to Celebrate

Earth Day Activities for Kids – Here we’ve many 29 Best Earth Day Activities 2020 ideas for kids and preschoolers to explore creativity by using material, crafts and soft items to care about earth. We all knew how important earth day celebration is for all of us. Today earth is going in danger every single day therefore we all need to teach our kids to care about earth in good manner.

Get best of the approaches and activities to respect our planet on this Earth celebration. In today’s life we need to discuss with our kids as well as elders about earth to survive this planet for long term by performing some meaningful save activities toward the earth.

Most of the time teachers and elders talk about some general topics but only few peoples talk about earth care or save Earth, therefore many earth networks started harnessing the awareness of earth in kids, students and elders.

29 Best Earth Day Activities for Kids

April 22 is considered as Earth Day celebration and the time is again come to celebrate this important Day in 2020 with inspiring activities toward earth. These Are Best Earth Day Activities for Kids:

Earth Day Activities for Kids

1. Plant a Tree

We all need to plant a tree around school, collages, home, working place and many more places. Planting tree is a lifelong investment to breathe fresh air and also it will be good step to save environment as well as earth too. Planting tree is easy and it will be good activities for kids to celebrate earth day.

Earth Day Activities for Kids Plan a Tree

2. Do Recycling Activates

We need to aware our kids for how we can recycle small products to reuse purpose and it will be great activity for them. Children will see that reusing goes past basically having a subsequent trash container. By repurposing things before discarding them, children will discover that creation new things from reused ones takes less vitality and less assets than making items from fresh out of the plastic new materials.

Recycling papers to reuse and making robot from garbage is good idea to show our kids how we can use our mind to so on. 

Earth Day Activities for Kids Do Recycling Activates

3. Earth Day Crafts

Let’s what you can find in your recycling bins for supplies and then we’ll try one of these Eco-savvy amazing Earth Day crafts that is sure to excite kids to do. Kids can create bottle hanging garden craft and making up cycle trash into flower and more. You can make bracelet and paper bag craft to or etc.

Earth Day Activities for Kids earth day crafts

4. Planting Green Garden

Planting green garden is good idea to get very eco friendly garden for kids and this activity will be more fun for them, so we need to take more steps like this. By using same steps we can make more greenery like, small green garden in bucket and also by using green paper to build green home and ocean too.

Earth Day Activities for Kids Planting Green Garden

5. Make Earth Cake

To celebrate earth day in best way is, make cake like earth to excite you kids to celebrate this important day and also it will help them to know why it is important for every individual to care about earth.

Earth Day Activities for Kids Make Earth Cake

6. Earth Day Collage

All kids and children’s can make earth collage from their end in best way, for doing that they need to start from scratch. First of all they need to draw circle and then colors paint like earth to look like same as earth and also they can make many more collage which they find easy to make from their end. It is a good idea for kids to enjoy earth day.

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7. Earth Paper Plate

Earth Paper Plate

Making plate from paper is good activity for kids, only they need is paper and then paint both side earth color and then make plate like earth by using same paper, glue, tape. It will be fun for them toward the celebration of earth day in good manner.

8. Paint a Stone like Earth

Painting a stone like earth is an art and also a good activity to celebrate the same day with positive attitude, so it will be good for kids and preschoolers students to do. In this, we need stone and also colors to draw earth over the stone, so get them and paint from your end in good way to look like same as earth.

9. Pledge to Save Earth

We live to the earth and this is our planet. All living creatures, animals and birds on it are very helpful to make good environment. I love my planet and I am proud of its rich mineral resources. I shall plant more trees everyday to make earth greener and also I will o my planet, I pledge my devotion, in saving this planet alone lays my happiness and well being. ‘Save Earth’ clean my surroundings. I shall always use the products that are environment friendly. T.

10. Discussion on Global Warming

Kids need to discuss on global warming as because Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying, and wildlife is also almost dying to keep pace. It has become clear that humans have caused most of the past century’s warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives. Called greenhouse gases, their levels are higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years.

11. Steps to Save Earth

Try to tell them saving earth from pollution and other bad resources is necessary for every individual otherwise earth will be dying soon. We need take strongly working action to save this earth from any kinds of pollute that exist. Take pledge to clean this earth, put dustbin near the surrounding and more.

12. Create Earth Art

Creating art using earth pictures or reuse product is good idea and it will enhance the creativity level of every kids to celebrate this earth day in more deep with excite.

13. Make Signs to Clean Earth

Other things we can do is, we can create sign to do in positive way to save earth and also we need to create some signs that don’t allow people to throw bad garbage anywhere like, shitty water, acid and power plant bad garbage or trashed bins.

14. Awareness about Earth

Still people are not aware about earth, they don’t know many organizations are working to protect earth from being pollute. So we need strong action to aware people about that and also we need to tell them on every 22 April in single year we celebrate earth day to protect our earth.

15. Stop people to Pollute Earth

As we said we need some strict action to protect our earth being polluted by people.

16. Place Dustbin to Collect Waste

A good step we can use to protect our earth is placing dustbin in every corner and also to that place which is crowded to collect waste and also other garbage, it will helpful for us.

17. Help in growing Trees

Many organizations are planting millions of trees every single month to protect this planet but no one is there to care about those tree which planted by them and in result some of trees out of them die within few days just because those tree don’t get water and nutrition. So we need to play activity to help those trees to grow.

18. Feed Animals and Birds

Feeding animals and birds is also a good activity to celebrate earth day just because without them this earth is incomplete and therefore we need to take care also for them.

19. Make a Spin Earth Art

Making this day more interesting by using some useful tactic is creating spin earth art to win prizes is good ideas, so try to make earth day spin art.

20. Make Earth Stickers

Kids love stickers and they also they love to place stickers on books, bags and also to their hand. Making stickers of earth is good idea to involve more kids to join earth day celebration.

21. Painting with Recycled Objects

There is lot of recycled colors object which we can use again by recycling them to paint anything in best way.

22. Pledge to Plant Millions Trees

We need to take our self or also from kids and students to take pledge for planting more and more trees every day, it will help to maintain the environment on good way.

23. Volunteers with Earth Networks and NGO’s

We should need to try something working strategies to aware every kids about earth by asking them to being a volunteer in any earth network or organization who are working to protect earth by planting trees.

24. Making Puzzle Arts to Celebrate Earth Day

It will be fun to make earth puzzle art to solve, looking best activity for kids so must try once.

25. Singing poems for Earth

Teachers must ask from kids to sing song about saving earth or singing inspiring poems to enhance our earth planet.

26. Creating Printable Earth Day Posters

Celebrating earth day is good and it will be more fun when we create some catchy and handy printable earth day posters, making earth posters shows the creativity level and it will be good activity with fun to enjoy earth day celebration.

27. Writing catchy Slogans to Save Earth

Ask to kid’s write some useful slogans to save earth like, save earth, earth is life and more.

28. Discussion to Reduce Earth Pollution

Ask students and kids to gather in hall and try to conduct a small discussion on how we can reduce earth pollution and what steps we need to take forward to do this, it will enhance their thinking toward the earth.

29. Making Objects with Reuse Material

Making some earth day objects like earth paper bags, planting green garden in bucket and painting stone with earth colors is good idea to celebrate this day in best way.


We need to care about earth in best possible way for our children’s as well for upcoming generation and therefore we need to make tracking system for Earth environment.  Our dreams to Living in Green is possible only if we protect our Earth from being pollute and that’s why we shared Earth Day Activities for Kids to aware them in advanced to Save Earth.

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