10 Lines on Television for Students and Kids in English

Television is one of the best inventions by humans to entertain.  Therefore we are bringing 10 Lines on Television in English language for students and kids to know more about Television. A television is a device that gives entertainment to us by listening songs, sounds and watching movies. It is also a great source of education to get latest news and updates around the worlds to know what is going on.

Now, these days television is became a most essential device into the home. We can’t imagine our life without this just because it is only a source to get know about our Government steps taken by them to succeed our country in good ways.

Television is operated by remote controller and run with electricity. Just because having remote to control television, it’s on to you watch any channels and program according your choice. Television is also known as TV.

10 Lines on Television

10 Lines on Television
  1. Television was invented by Scottish Scientist El Beyard who was extremely extraordinary in all phases of life and artwork. Technology is something that can build so many gadgets and devices or Television is one of them which are a perfect combination of technology and Science.
  2. First time television in India arrives on 15th of September in 1959 at Delhi to telecast shows experiments. It was great moment for every single Indians to watch the shows to entertain him with audio and visualize.
  3. Watching films is an astonishing movement to unwind for some individuals these days. Following a persevering day, what can be more fulfilling than watching films and focusing with entertainment on the plots? I like seeing movies, as well. Despite the fact that I have many film DVDs at home, regardless I lean toward watching films at films.
  4. It was 1950, when there were two companies vying to be the first to create color TVs — CBS and RCA. When the FCC tested the two systems, the CBS system was approved, while the RCA system failed to pass because of low picture quality.
  5. Television entertainment importance in society goes deeper than that. Television is a medium that improves the world, triggers imagination, raises curiosity, encourages education and gathers millions around common interests.
  6. Tv is became more flexible according to our choice which means we can watch any popular show on our television with single click. It is a good time to enjoy with friends, brothers, sisters to watch on demand show which you love to see.
  7. Every single TV now comes with remote controller which allows us to choose our channels on television to see our popular channels and shows that we like. TV remote controls make easy way to change anything in television which make our life easier to enjoy the entertainment. 
  8. There are hundreds of companies around the world who manufacture Tv in large number with legal documents to serve whole country. There are some popular brands TV companies Samsung, LG, Philips, Toshiba, Haier etc.
  9. It was 19th century were tv come with box or you can say it was in box frame but due to modern technology it is upgraded in new frame which is good looking and premium design also. TV types are, Normal TV, LED, LCD and OLED
  10. As we all know by watching TV shows and movies we are entertaining our self to relax our body and physical strength also but watching TV for long period of time is not good for health. Having anything in extra is a problem so if you are watching TV for the long time then it May possible you will face certain problems like, eye vision, mentally stress, physically disturb and more. So watch these gadgets for a limited time to enjoy purpose only.

10 Lines on Television in English

1. In 1926, Television was invented with accuracy to see the clear pictures and videos.

2. Invention of television was searched by Scottish scientist El Beyard and it is one of the great developments by scientist.

3. Television is the word of the English language, which is called Doordarshan in Hindi language.

4. Every year we celebrate Doordarshan day on November 21.

5. First television was set in Delhi, India in 1959.

6. It was 1982, when the color television started across the country.

7. Doordarshan is a home-based entertainment platform to entertain everyone free of cost.

8. TV is the cheapest way of entertainment to get rid of problems. TV shows us world-wide information about us sitting at home to relax for.

9. In the area of education, TV’s contribution is incomparable as because it gives lot of information through.

10. Today television has taken a great place in our heart to overcame issues to get relax our physical strength and also it become an integral part of our lives.

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